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filming: completed!

28 Nov

Yesterday was my day for filming, and what an ice-cold day, yet productive day it was! We started to film at 2pm, when it was still quite light outside. By the time we had finished, it was around 4pm, so started to get dark. The lighting was perfect; I wanted the lighting to create the idea that the atmosphere was changing from happy to slightly cynical. However, I think during editing I will adjust the lighting to make this idea a bit more significant.
I was very considerate when it came to obeying the continuity rules, although I was a little unclear on my 180 degree line, as the female character was walking around a lot and we could see a lot of open space, so I just tried to make sure that the shots wouldn’t look confusing.
Becky and Cameron shared great chemistry, so it was easy for me to direct them both without it being awkward or uncomfortable, hopefully this will be displayed through the footage, which I am yet to see.
Fingers crossed, the footage looks successful!


Filming day!

27 Nov

I have decided that I will be filming on the 27th of November, so this weekend coming (i’ve only just published the post, which is why it might look confusing). I decided to do it this weekend as the weather has said it’s supposed to snow, and since I’m filming outside, the snow might make it quite awkward to film. Also, It’s supposed to be set around November 11th, when it doesn’t usually snow. So, it could change the believability of my opening sequence.
The day of filming
I’m quite excited for filming now! Everything has fallen quite nicely into place; it has unfortunately snowed, but it’s cleared up quite a bit and Becky and Cameron are quite friendly with each other so I think their good rapport will bode well for their on screen relationship! I am quite nervous though.  I’m worried I’m going to break the 180 degree rule, or miss out a shot or something along those lines. I really hope it goes to plan!