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Film title

7 Dec

To help my decide on the title of my film, I made a spider diagram of all the possibilities. I found this technique really useful and a good way to present how I got to my final decision of the name.


Convention of horror titles and my own choices for titles

1 Dec

Like most films and genres of films, the titles used for horror are a difficult to generalise as they all vary in relevance to the film plot. Horror titles significantly differ, but still have some similarities amongst them:


 Font’s vary for each different film in regard to their content. For example, the font for the “Saw” films is shaped in a manner that suggest messy and violent murders, this gives us an idea to what the rest of the film will be about. However, the fonts used for “The Descent” do not suggest or convey what the plot of the film will be.  I have taken a similar approach to “The Descent” for my titles. The font will be simple, yet slightly misleading; it will be a serif font, possibly an older, more derelict looking font, as the plot is about previous events.



 The sizes for the titles varies with the importance of each title. For example, the titles with actor’s names on it are usually a smaller font than the film title and director’s. For my film title, the font will be a relatively large size, so it stands out to the audience. The size of the directors name will be ever so slightly smaller, but not by a lot. The size is more of an aesthetic aspect for my titles, rather than a significant feature of the titles in relevance to the film plot.


Common colours associated with horror titles are red, grey and black. These colours all conote a bad, dangerous nature, to reinforce the genre of horror. My font colour is going to be grey. I chose this colour because it suggests an idea of uncertainty; grey has no siginificant conotations, but could also be associated with the idea of ghosts.

Positioning, movement and effects

 The positioning of my titles is quite relevant to the plot of the film. The titles will be scattered in various positions like the ghosts in the house and at the field. They will also fade in and out, similar to the mannerisms of a ghost. I decided to do this to reinforce the idea of how spirits are through the titles.

entire film plot

29 Nov

My opening sequence reveals very little about the rest of the plot, but that was the effect I was trying to achieve. Not being a massive horror fan, I have surprised myself with the storyline for the overall plot, I think it’s quite horrific!

After the couple leave the field, we see a shot of Darcy’s poppy being spun around and ripped apart, then we cut to the couple driving back from the picnic. Darcy realises she left her poppy at the field, so she runs back to get it whilst Jonny waits in the car. She finds the poppy, only to notice one of the poppy leaves has gone missing. Thinking nothing of it, Darcy runs back to the car where the spirits are watching them leave. The poppy has been cursed by the spirits, and they now use the poppy to take themselves to wherever Darcy and Jonny are. As Darcy and Jonny are driving away, the park ranger stops and talks to them, saying that poppy’s haven’t grown on that field since November 11th. He then states the significance of what day it is. Darcy is worried by this, again Jonny just tells her to stop being ridiculous.
That evening, Jonny and Darcy are at home when Darcy starts complaining of a burning sensation in her shoulder. She gasps suddenly, and falls down into a chair. She takes of her coat to find there is blood pouring from her shoulder. Jonny says she probably caught a mole or something, and simply bandages it up. Later that night, Darcy is doing more research on what the park ranger had told them about the field. She discovers that 10 planes, with 10 men in each plane, crashed onto that field on the way home on the 11th of November, which we now know as remembrance day, or more informally, Poppy Day. She discovers that the families of the 100 men said they were really excited to be coming home and were all beyond devastated that they’d survived the war but crashed in a fatal accident. There is a list of the fatal accidents all the men endured, which Darcy takes a long time to read through each and every drastic incident to each man. Darcy then reads a quote from one woman, a 76 year old mother who says, ever since her son was killed, she’s felt a bad presence around her.

Darcy tells this story to Jonny, and says she can relate to the mother. Jonny goes to take the rubbish outside, when he falls to the ground clutching his leg, screaming in agony. Darcy rushes to him, panicking she calls an ambulance and he’s rushed up to hospital. After a long wait, they see the doctor to find out nothing is wrong. They return home at 11pm and go straight to bed. They fall straight to sleep, and are both woken at 7am, on the 11th November by an insane burning sensation in both of their backs. They both struggle to breathe, but after a while they’re fine. Darcy starts talking about how she’s really creeped out and worried. In typical style, Jonny tells her to forget about it. He climbs out of bed, and we hear Darcy scream mentally. Jonny looks down to see a petal shaped imprint on his back, pouring with blood. Darcy looks at her chest to see the same thing. Darcy rushes into the shower to wash the blood off, whilst Jonny is trying to get himself under the tap to clean up. After a while, the blood stops and they’re both fine, apart from the red petal imprint on their backs.

Darcy rushes downstairs to grab her laptop and get some more information on what’s happening, but every time she opens goes near it, it flies away. When she does get to it, she opens it but it slams shut on her fingers and one of them fall off. She screams to jonny to ask him what is happening. Jonny comes to the top of the stairs where he is pushed and his arm lands on an umbrella spike, poking a hole through his arm. Jonny is in a state of panic: he grabs Darcy’s arm and heads for the door, but the door swings back and breaks Jonny’s nose. Darcy locks the door and they sit with their backs to the door. After about 2 minutes of being sat there in silence, the couple both start to feel suffocated and they pass out.

When they wake, Darcy screams “WHAT IS GOING ON? WHO IS DOING THIS?”. Just that moment, her poppy floats through the air and lands on her lap. Darcy stands up shaking and sweating, she starts walking backwards towards the glass door. She is pushed (but we obviously can’t see it) and glass smashes everywhere, leaving her injured and unconscious.

Jonny and Darcy are both woken again by the burning sensation in their back to find yet another poppy imprint.  She then clicks, that all of these injuries are the same as what she read about online.Jonny and Darcy decide they should drive back to the field to see what is happening. Once they’ve parked, the front of the bonnet of the car is sets on fire. Again they both pass out and are woken by the burning sensation in their back, to find the final poppy imprint. They still decide to walk back to the field. Whilst walking  Jonny feels a shot to the neck, he moves his hand away from his neck to see blood pouring down his neck. Darcy and him carry on walking to the field where it’s deadly quiet. Nothing is moving, no sounds, no nothing.

Darcy shouts hysterically to the  field; “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US?, no reply. “WHAT HAVE WE DONE WRONG?”, “LEAVE US ALONE” still nothing. Darcy throws her poppy on the ground. Then she starts to hear noises, she turns to look at Jonny who is clutching his stomach; it’s pouring of blood. Darcy starts to scream, we hear loads of noises, her body looking impaled by gun shots. Jonny and Darcy both fall onto their stomachs, still conscious. Their shirts are ripped off and a black circle is imprinted into the centre of the 4 poppy leaves. The circle goes through their back and into their hearts and kills them both.

Male character: found!

27 Nov

At long last, I have sorted out who my male lead will be! Ironically, it’s going to be the person I originally wanted to do it; a friend of mine called Cameron Jones. When I was planning my opening sequence, Cameron was the person I had in mind. I wanted the male lead to be a bit of a character; quite easy-going, a laugh and a bit of a joker. Cameron is perfect for this. He also looks just right for the part; tall, dark haired and goodlooking. I was so pleased when Cameron said he could do it, as I knew he’d be just perfect for it! Unlike the position for the female character, as I wasn’t sure who I wanted to use.

Cameron is a relatively tall male, with dark hair and eyes.


Characters update

23 Nov

Becky is going to play Darcy in my opening sequence, and she’s really eager and prepared for acting. She took the initiative to ask me for the script so she could practice her lines! I’ve been friends with Becky since we were 5 years old, so obviously we have a good relationship. I think our good relationship will bode well for production day, as I know she will listen and take direction from me that will make my opening sequence as good as it could be.
Yesterday, Becky and I were deciding on her wardrobe. As previously mentioned, Darcy will be wearing a dress. We had 3 dresses to choose between: all are blue and flowery, but the shape of the flowers change and the shape of the dress is different for each dress.

This is the first dress we tried on. We decided that we really like the dress, however after some consideration we decided that it’s almost too fashionable for Darcy to wear. I want Darcy’s clothes to really emphasize her innocence, and the dress is too “fashionista”.  Also the dress didn’t fit Becky too well.


This was the second dress she tried on. Although this dress looks quite sweet and fits her well, we felt the material looks like it’s more of an occasion type of dress, rather than a casual dress you’d wear on a picnic with your boyfriend.

This is the final dress we tried on, and it is the dress we’re going to use. We though the material is casual, so it would be appropriate to wear out for a picnic. The sleeves of the dress are nice detail; they’re spilt down the middle which makes it look quite young and innocent. The style of dress fitted Becky well too. We’ve decided that becky will wear cream leggins underneath the dress, accompanied by grey fluffy boots. 

I have still had no luck finding a male lead due. I’ve found 4 potential males that can act and look right, however they all work on a Saturday which is the only day i can film. I work 10-4 on a Sunday, and i need to film in the afternoon, and obviously I cannot miss school to film, nor can Becky. At the moment i’m really panicking about finding a male lead who is appropriate; I want the actors to have some degree of believability. However I may have to be less picky when deciding on who i use…

Animatic- completed

21 Nov

This week I have completed my animatic. Although animatics are a lengthy process, I have always found them useful. When putting the clips together, I was able to see how the continuity of the shots would look; providing I am alert and abiding the continuity rules, all should be successful. I was also able to see if I wanted to take away or add any shots. I actually added one shot at around (insert time here) as i felt it would give the audience clearer interpretation of her facial expression.
The animatic was particularly helpful in seeing how the sound I was creating would fit with the shots. So far, I am really pleased with the sounds i’ve created. I had been worried that it would sound quite amateur, thus not really emphasing the extent of suspense I want to create. The sound will possibly change when I edit the footage, to perhaps enhance certain moments.
I am quite pleased with my animatic, however after completing this, I am slightly anxious for filming. The timings of each shot are very precise, so if any of the shots run over as a neccessity, it will mess up the entire opening sequence. Hopefully, it will all go to plan…

Locations and props

14 Nov

The location for my opening sequence is not the most typical of locations; It’s going to be a field near to my house. The field is going to be an old battlefield which is haunted, but we do not discover this in the opening sequence. So, I’m going to emphasise the idea that it’s haunted through the sound used and the way in which i portray the field. I will use shots through the bushes surrounding the field to make it seem like someone’s watching them. Also use long shots to show the vast space of the location around the characters.
This is the location I will take shots pretending to be the spirits. I think that the shots from behind the bushes will make the location look and feel really effective.

This is where the couple will be sitting