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first edit + peer assessment feedback

25 Jan

I have completed the first edit of my opening sequence. Although I know it’s not finished at all, I think it looks okay so far, there are obvious changes that I need to make, but all in good time!

We have now completed our peer assessment of each other’s opening sequences. We had to complete a grid which was sectioned into 4 categories: Titles, cinematography/editing, sound and how we introduced the content of the film, so characters, locations, the story-line and genre. Each category had subsections which we had to comment on showing the strengths and then giving a target.
The main targets I was given were mostly things that I was already aware of:

  • Add more titles to the opening sequence : I appreciate that at the moment I only have one title at the moment, the others are planned, they just need to be created
  • Edit the sound as it cuts quite abruptly: I am pleased that my peers noticed this as I was unsure whether it was that noticeable, and as it is- I will be changing it shortly

The other targets were more feedback on how I could improve my opening sequence to make it have more suspense and to make it more obvious that it is a horror film. I am aware that it doesn’t particularly look like a horror opening, but not a lot of horror’s do. But as I am an amateur film maker, I think will make adjustments to the lighting and sound to really emphasize that it’s a horror.
Some of the targets I was given have made me consider other aspects of similar appearance that could be changed. These are the changes I’m going to make or consider making:

  • See how it sounds if I add footsteps when Darcy is walking around, it could add some suspense
  • Make sure that none of the shots has the actors looking directly at the camera,
  • Re-record some of the quieter parts so it’s clearer
  • Re-film the shot of Darcy’s foot, to add continuity
  • Add titles
  • Think of a name for the film
  • Darken the lighting; to create a stronger sense of horror
  • Get rid of the beeping noises, as most people found them irrelevant
  • Try and create the sound to be as disturbing as possible; to create a strong sense of tension and suspense

I’m hoping that these improvements will make my opening sequence the best it can be.


Editing day 8

19 Jan

Today I am creating my titles for my opening sequence. I’ve decided on a simple white font, using a a slight glow around the outside. I decided to keep the font simple as so I could have quite an interesting effect on the writing. I decided to use an effect called “Pin Glow” on my titles. I think it looks quite smooth and professional, I’m really proud of it actually.

Today I also put the final touches to my sound. During the first 3 clips, I’ve decided to put a gun shot in-between each cut as well as an effect as I feel this will emphasize and distinguish the change of perspective.

Today I have finished my first draft of my opening sequence. I’m actually feeling a bit more positive about it now. I do realise there is a lot that needs tweaking, but for now I’ll leave it how it is and let my audience researchers how I could improve it.

Designing my titles

18 Jan

My production company is called Spectrum. I’ve decided to keep the design for it quite simple, as I think it looks more effective that way.

The font will be white with a slight glow around it to reinforce the artist nature of the word “Spectrum”. 

Along side Spectrum will be a verticle spectrum of colours. I was inspired though a photo I found on the internet, and this influenced my design. I made this through a programme on my Dad’s laptop; I simply chose the colours and put them in an order I thought looked good.

Editing day 7

18 Jan

Today, as I have finished the order of my opening sequence, I decided to import the sound for my opening sequence. I made sure that the sound clip was in time with the footage, so when the final gun shot sounds, Darcy sits up at the right time. It took a while to get the timings right, but once I had I think it looks quite successful and in time.€
I have also inserted the sound for when Darcy starts to think something is in the bushes. I was talking to a classmate of mine, on where to start the music. She said that the first shot of the tree is a bit misleading, and the following shot, shown below shot is quite scary, so starting the music on the shot of the tree really emphasises what is in or behind the tree and how scary it is.

I also started creating my production company logo today. At the moment, I’m struggling to find a font I really like, but I only spent about 10 minutes on it, and am planning to do more tomorrow, so watch this space!

Audience feed back: plan

17 Jan

For my audience feedback, I have decided to conduct a group of my target audience and ask them a series of questions, and gather a census of opinions. I am also planning on videoing my focus group and insert video clips when blogging about my feed back. I’ve decided to ask the following questions in my focus group:

  • Is the story line clear? I think this will just be a good opening question to get them thinking in media terms
  • Does the pace seem appropriate when she’s running/walking around? I want that part of the opening sequence to build tension
  • How effective is the sound? How could it be changed? I want the sound to really emphasise that it’s a horror film
  • How effective are these following editing techniques?  I want my target audience to tell me teh most effective techniques, or no techniques for this specific shot
  • What other improvements do you think I could make? I am open to any suggestions or advice to improve my opening sequence


Editing day 6

17 Jan

Today I finally (!) managed to create the final order for the ending of my opening sequence. The main issue for me was that the shots jumped too quickly inbetween the shot of Jonny scaring Darcy and the shot of her turning around to shout at him. So I cropped the clip of Jonny scaring Darcy to make an additional shot of her face, this breaks up the speed when cutting between the shots. Although it’s a little fuzzy, it’s the best I can do.

I also started to experiment with different effects to use so I can show them to my focus group for audience research.

I’m starting to feel a little bit brighter about my opening sequence now, it’s unfortunately not the best work i’ve done, but i’m trying to do the best I can.

Editing day 5

13 Jan

If I’m completely honest, today has been a disaster. I have tried every possible way to find an ending I’m happy with, but there’s nothing I can do that I’m proud of. I spoke to Becky and Cameron about re-filming the entire thing, but they had to decline as they both have exams that stretch into February, and combined with all of us having jobs, it will be hard to find a sufficient time. I will try my very best to make it the best it could possibly be, but I don’t know how good that will be..

Today I decided on the best order for the majority of the opening sequence that I could do. I still have not decided on a final ending. However, I removed one shot, illustrated in the photo below. I removed this shots to make the continuity better. I realized I was unhappy with the moment before Darcy walked towards the tree from the field. To overcome this I rearranged the shots by moving the shot of Darcy through the tree’s to after the shot of the tree/ I actually think that this is really effective as it feels like a shot/reverse shot, so we gain perspective of someone looking at her.
also spent a lot of time cropping shots and lengthening them to get the best amount of continuity possible. Again, I know it seems like this shouldn’t take an entire lesson, but I am a perfectionist, and I have to be completely satisfied with the order and positioning of shots.

I also started to play around with effects to put on the beginning shots today. I am still really uncertain of what effects to use, if any. For now, I’m going to use no effects, and during my audience feedback, I’m going to shot them 3 clips of how I am considering to have it, this is displayed in the photos below.